How to Prevent and Cure Toothaches

A toothache doesn’t get painful for long. The slow, painful pain moves quickly to your neck, then to your back. It feels like your whole body is connected to the pain too fast. If you suffer from toothache, see a dentist right away. If you experience the familiar, throbbing tooth pain, take action.   

Tooth problems that are left untreated can turn into more serious health problems. particularly if there’s an infection. Fortunately, there are many natural toothache treatments to provide you with relief until the next dental appointment. Here are some home remedies that can also help:  

1. Cloves   

The inherent painkilling and antibacterial properties of cloves can help alleviate tooth pain. They are quite popular in the Indian and Chinese folk medicine. They were used for decades and can cure all types of pains and aches. Cloves are most useful for toothaches.  

2. Brine   

Whether you have a toothache or not, rinsing your mouth with brine is good practice. Brine is a mix of warm water and salt. Brine wash could clean your mount with food bits, especially the ones that are trapped between the teeth. These are the things that ultimately causes toothache. Brine washes also provide relief from a toothache, as it can alleviate gum irritation that can exacerbate pain.  

3. Whiskey   

A common remedy from experienced elderly people worldwide is whiskey. It is used to obtain relief from teething pain among babies and their mothers. It’s also a proven tool for adults when it comes to alleviating toothache.  

4. Cold Compress  

If you have a toothache, you may stick something cold near it to reduce the swelling. A cold compress will help the pain subside. You may make cold compresses out of ice wrapped in a towel. Soaking a towel in ice water will also work. Place the ice compress next to your tooth on your face and it will relieve gum and ear swelling. You may also rub your gums with ice cubes.  

5. Capsaicin  

This substance found in chili peppers is what gives chilies its jolt. It is used to relieve pain in the nerves. It can also protect the nerves of the teeth. Be careful when using this home remedy, though. You might need to seek the help of an expert.   

6. Activated charcoal   

This carbon-based material can help address toothaches as well. It is a paste that can be mixed with water. You can buy this from health food shops. Activated charcoal may also be used as a remedy for poisoning because it prevents the stomach from absorbing the contaminants.  

7. Yarrow   

Yarrow is a natural herb used to treat toothache, allergies, and hemorrhoids. It has been used by Native Americans since time memorial. Yarrow is commonly used as a substitute for salicylic acid and its derivatives.   

Address toothaches with these natural remedies, but don’t forget your appointment with the dentist. Toothaches are often a sign of a bigger problem. Make sure that you’re following the best oral hygiene as well. If you need further help, please visit